The city of Euto began as The United States of America’s most ambitious research project. It was only in its infancy when the project, dubbed “Eutopia” came under major scrutiny by the rest of the world.
The project outlined a way to make a civilization self-sufficient and independent from the outside world. Once word of the project was leaked to the UN, there was an uproar.
Nations across the world were unsettled by the idea of the USA becoming self-sufficient, and demanded the project be shut down. The socio-economic repercussions of the US no longer needing outside assistance was unfathomable. “It would destroy the world’s economy, IT’S UNACCEPTABLE!” -Tafawa Balewa Prime Minister of Nigeria

The US wouldn’t let it go. The possibility of starting a new world where everyone could live in harmony without needing trade and war to survive was too perfect.
The only compromise that could be reached, was to create a new country outside of the UN, placed on the soil from the September 11th Puerto Rico Incident (See Puerto Rico)

Once the city began its rapid expansion, the US was interested in receiving all findings and documentation of experiments. What they didn’t expect was Euto’s newly found national pride. The people and workers of Euto explained that they had been made their own country; seceded from the rest of the planet for the sake of one massive experiment, and reaching out to other countries and reporting to the “Authorities” defeated the purpose of a self-sufficient society. This infuriated the United States, and they retaliated.
But with the rest of the world watching, the US couldn’t very well strike out against its spawn, because they would lose all credibility. So they started using underhanded schemes to sabotage Euto, with secret agents and hiring supervillians to do their dirty work.

On the inside though, Euto started off well, working for the greater good and developing sciences that could save millions, but in its infancy, it’s laws were unrefined. Many rules were able to be bent, and loopholes were found in the system, leading to experiments that were inhumane and morally corrupt. This corruption of the system expanded, taking over layers of the city at a time, and before long, they seemed to be overwhelmed. Too proud to accept the help of other nations, Euto hired Superheros to help counter the evil threatening to ruin their great city. They are their last and only hope.

-Puerto Rico: On September 11th, 2001, a German super villain by the name Atomizer came to the US with a threat. He told them he intended on turning all of Puerto Rico into one giant rock, incapable of growing life, and destroying everything on it using his newest invention, The Fragmenter.
The US told him that they would not meet his demands because they do not negotiate with terrorists. Without a second’s notice, Puerto Rico was hit with a ray from the sky, evaporating a large section of ocean around it, and destroying most of the land. It did not go according to Atomizers plan, however, because the earth had not become barren, and it had doubled the country’s size. Shortly after he was found and charged for his crimes, locked in a super prison for the rest of his life.
The land was repaired and society began to re-cultivate, when the Euto project was to be moved there. The new inhabitants of Puerto Rico were given the choice to join the civilization or emigrate to any country willing to take them. It was an easy decision for most to make, for the privilege of joining a self-sufficient society in those times was hard to refuse.

-Atomizer: A genius in all regards, Adrian Drescher was a lead researcher in German during World War 2. A Doctor of particle physics and chemistry, he was headed with many projects, including production of a nuclear bomb for Germany. After the war, he was determined to make the world pay for disgracing Germany, by making the members of the UN beg one at a time for forgiveness for what they did, starting with the US. It didn’t work out as planned. (See Puerto Rico)

-Size: On a whole, the city/state of Euto isn’t extremely populated. Due to the lack of initial population, and selective access, the city doesn’t have a formal military in numbers and ranks. It relies more on its superior firepower and technology.

-Defenses: “That’s without question, the most wicked-awesome thing I have ever seen.” -Panzert
The defense systems put in place were designed to keep out just about anything. Not much is known specifically about their defenses, because no country has wanted to test them directly. The visible defenses are as follows:

  • Shield: There is in place a giant deployable shield of hard-light in a dome around the island. It is activated upon indication that an attack is immanent. This is in place for any directly kinetic or light-spectrum based attacks.
  • Main Cannon: The crowning piece of equipment is practically on display for all to see. Titled nothing other than “The Main Cannon,” this seems to be an oversized rail gun. Unconventional in shape, it is a Sphere made out of conductive material. At its front facing center there is a hole that bores to its core. Testing of the device was witnessed by many countries using satellite footage. The strange thing is that it creates no sound. The location fired upon though (In this case a testing zone in the atlantic) is simply obliterated. Nothing remains. Nobody knows what the max range is.

-Food: As a self-sufficient society, Euto creates its own foods through genetic engineering (Making them climatized, no matter what the product). The island has very nutrient-laden soil, so it creates bountiful crops, but even if it didn’t, the hydroponic facilities maintained by the city could feed the population.
-Money: Euto does not use a regular form of currency, it is more electronic than anything else. When you are paid, it is directly wired to your account, and you can pay via card or any number of approved devices. (Accessories that are tailored to also work as pay devices)

-The Government: Euto is run a lot like a lenient laboratory, because it basically is one. There are several commission boards (each with 5 members) that decide what should and shouldn’t be funded. On top of those boards lies The Director, who is more or less the president of Euto. He oversees most every project, and can veto an appeal or decision made by any one commission. The positions are democratically chosen, and usually end up being those that represent best the commission they run for. (Ex: Commission of public affairs is run by two sociologists, a construction worker, a farmer, and a psychic)

Super-Powers in the world are uncommon, but not unheard of. There have been a number of powers developed by genetic engineering, as well as scientific accidents and magic. The people that embrace their abilities are looked at with awe and some animosity. Some view them as not human, but others embrace them wholeheartedly as a symbol of triumph for our species.

Magic a great deal less common in this world, for the Human race is one naturally of science and discovery, not mysticism and magic. (excluding religion)
However there is always one or another magical powers to be found throughout the world, and people don’t very much know what to make of it. They have trouble quantifying it and that frustrates many. (Especially in a place like Euto)
However, there are many that appreciate magic and see it as a new stepping stone for our people.
“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” -Arthur C. Clarke

-The people: As it stands, the society in Euto is in minor turmoil. With corruption still on the high, the average worker is in an unfortunate situation. While as a whole society runs well and the gears are turning, people pay taxes to corrupt politicians who pay villains in order get an upper hand.

-The Corruptor: “The first super villain in Euto.” Originally an electrical engineer and biotechnologist, Alexander Kain was on the verge of completing a human-computer hybrid. A perfect cyborg. An intelligence level incomparable to most, and physically altered with nanotechnology, he was becoming the perfect specimen. That was when the Euto Science Commission shut him down. The project was deemed too dangerous to be left in one man’s hands, and they removed his clearance to the lab he was working on. They seemed to have forgotten that he had wired the facility. He broke into his lab and stole his project, hiring a team of thieves to haul it out. Nobody has heard a word from him or his project since. Theories are he is the mastermind behind the corruption movement, pulling the strings on the villainous agenda. That’s why the people gave him the name “The Corruptor.”


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