The Guardian


High Concept:
Guardian of Harmony

New to the Job

Other Aspects:
Misfit Miscreant
Sucker for the Ladies

Superb: Lore, Discipline
Great: Conviction, Presence
Good: Alertness, Athletics
Fair: Craftsmanship, Burglary
Average: Endurance, Empathy

Stunts & Powers:
Evocation -3 (Fire, Lightning, Spirit)
+1 Power bonus to Spirit Magic

Thaumaturgy -3
+1 Frequency to Crafting

The Weight of Reputation

Focus Items:
Cape of the Phoenix (Grants Flying)
Broach of the Sphinx (Allows Magic to be used as a Block)
Guardian’s Staff (?)

2x Enchanted Item Slots


Leonardo Conley was a young runaway at the age of 15 that lived by picking pockets and petty theft, but at the same time also helped those less fortunate. One day after picking a particularly thick wallet and purchasing a new outfit Leo suddenly found himself transported to unknown location. An older man told him that he had been chosen by a greater power to take the old man’s place as the Guardian of Harmony. Leo not knowing what it truly meant agreed and gained all the powers and keepsakes of the previous Guardians as well as the responsibilities. Unknown to Leo however in gaining the power of the previous Guardian he also gained the greatest enemy.

The Guardian

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