Stiletto Red


TROUBLE: Reptilian Tendencies
SUPERB: Stealth
GREAT: Athletics, Weapons
GOOD: Alertness, Endurance
FAIR: Burglary, Deceit, Investigation
AVERAGE: Contacts, Drive, Fists, Rapport, Survival
DEADLY SHADOWS: When using the Shadowed Strike method
the character may use his Stealth to
make attacks as well, rather than
using his Weapons skill or the like.

HUSH: Your talent with stealth may be extended
to others who are with you close by,
provided that you travel as a group. As
long as the whole group stays with you
and follows your hushed orders, you may
make a single Stealth roll for the whole
group, using your skill alone. If someone
breaks from the group, they immediately
lose this benefit, and may risk revealing
the rest of you if they don’t manage to
pull off a little Stealth of their own.
You cannot apply the benefits of other
stunts (besides Hush) to this roll, though
you may bring in your own aspects (and
possibly tag the aspects of those you are
concealing) in order to improve the result.
The maximum number of additional people in
group is equal to the numeric value of the
character’s Stealth score (so someone with
Fair Stealth and this stunt would be able
to use his skill for himself and two others).

IN PLAIN SIGHT: Your character suffers no environmental-based
difficulty increases when using Stealth. This
means that even when he’s out in the open and
wouldn’t normally be able to justify using
Stealth, he may. This also means that, once
hidden, even people actively searching for him
do not get a +2 to their Alertness or Investigation
rolls. This ability only functions so long as your
character does not move, and does not do anything
other than hide. The moment he does something else,
breaks cover and is immediately visible.

LIGHTFOOT: It’s difficult to track you when you take care to
walk lightly. Traps and such that depend on pressure
or some other weight-based trigger are two steps
easier for you to circumvent, and any attempts
(such as with Investigation or Survival) to trace
the physical evidence of your steps face a difficulty
two higher than you rolled.

LIKE THE WIND: Whenever your character moves under cover of Stealth
– the skulking trapping for the skill – the bonus to
discovery efforts is cut in half. This means that out
of conflict, observers are only at +1 for a slow creep,
+2 for walking pace, +3 for jogging, and +4 for a
full-out run; in a conflict, observers are only at
+1 per zone moved. If you combine this stunt with
the Master of Shadows stunt, then your movement,
however swift, never offers a bonus to discovery
efforts, ever.

MASTER OF SHADOWS: Your character is one with the shadows, and lives in
every darkened corner, unheard and unseen. You gain
the full benefit of In Plain Sight, but may also
move one zone per exchange without automatically
breaking stealth, allowing you to remain hidden
while moving, even when you shouldn’t be able to
hide in the first place.
If your character is in an environment that could
give a bonus to stealth (like one with a Dark or
Smokey aspect) or even one that would normally
justify the use of Stealth to hide, you may pay a
fate point to make a full sprint action without
automatically breaking stealth. The upshot of this
stunt is as follows: Whenever the character moves
while hidden, discovery penalties may still apply,
but are cut in half. Outside of conflict, this leaves
observers at +1 for a cautious creep, +2 for walking
pace, +3 for a jog (short sprint) and +4 for an
out-and-out run (long sprint); inside conflict,
observers only get a +1 to detect the character for
every zone moved in an exchange. If used in
combination with Like the Wind, these discovery
bonuses are eliminated entirely.

QUICK EXIT: A momentary distraction is all you need to vanish
from the scene. Provided you are not in the midst
of a conflict, you may roll a quick contest between
your Stealth and the highest Alertness in the room.
If you succeed, the next time someone turns to look
at or talk to you, you’re not there.

SHADOWED STRIKE: The Character strikes from out of the darkness,
leaving his foes bewildered and in pain. When hidden,
the character can launch an attack while remaining
hidden, using his Stealth for any defense rolls for
the duration of that exchange.

VANISH: This stunt functions the same as Quick Exit (above),
but the character may vanish even if he is in a conflict,
as a full action. This requires some dramatic flourish
(smoke bombs or bright flashes are classics) or the
invocation of an appropriate environmental aspect
(like The Darkness of the New Moon).


Stiletto Red

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