A former supervillain trying to turn over a new leaf.


High Concept
Heavy Metal Hero

All That Glitters Is Gold

Former Supervillain
Brought to Heel by Stiletto
Prototypical Mama’s Boy
What’s Yours is Ours (Temp)

Mythic Strength [-6]
Supernatural Toughness [-4]

  • The Catch: Electromagnetism [+3]

Refresh Cost: 7; Refresh: 8; Total Refresh: 1

(4) Great – Might, Fists, Endurance
(3) Good – Rapport, Presence, Athletics
(2) Fair – Empathy, Resources, Contacts
(1) Average – Deceit, Alertness, Intimidation


Birth Name: Wilhelm Heinrich Eberhardt
Legal Name: Panzert
Identity: Public. He does not wear a mask, but only government records would have his original name.
Age: 27
Height: 6’2"
Weight: ~900 lbs.

Panzert was literally born to be a hero. His mother, Annelie, an expert in the field of gene therapy, co-founded a research team working toward developing sub-dermal armor and genetic engineering techniques that could turn a person into the perfect rescue worker. Born with metal infused into every cell in his body, Panzert is able to withstand intense heat, cold, explosions, bullets, and even falls that would be lethal to ordinary people.

Annelie has only told Panzert that she stole him from the project because some dangerous people were trying to pervert her work for evil ends. The need to flee Germany and stay under the radar made money tight, so Panzert did not have a great variety of options. Frustrated, he eventually turned to a life of crime and used his metallic skin and superhuman strength to pillage and plunder. After his most recent defeat at the hands of Stiletto Red and stint in prison, he seemed to turn over a new leaf. These days he fights crime, though some have criticized his taking advantage of the commercial advantages of superhero culture, endorsement deals and corporate sponsorship in particular.


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