The Paradigm Shift

Dr. Coldsnapp's Journal

Jamaica, that’s where our last mission went down, where we fought dozens of guerilla soldiers who were no doubt specifically hired to ensure that we gave up the ghost before reaching Mimic. We got 15 whole minutes of peace after landing in Jamaica before the shooting started. We did actually to not only find Mimic (with the help of the Eye and the Guardian), but also detain him. To be honest, the “detaining” part was actually more of a rescue. After navigating a massive, underground system of labs lined with booby-traps tailor-made just for us: magnets to screw with Panzert, a nice, big industrial AC system to freeze Stiletto, Gaulman, and I in our tracks, and a good old-fashioned high-caliber turret that’s pretty effective against anything alive. We had little trouble dispatching said turret, and soon after we discovered the lab in which Mimic was being held. It was an unexpected and quite troubling sight: Mimic hooked up to a series of machines, obviously in agony. Someone was attempting to keep him in his “Panzert-state” and prevent him from converting back to his own normal physiology. Admittedly, I was morbidly fascinated, but we needed Mimic back at Euto’s labs to cure Panzert’s “cancer.” We got Mimic out of there and headed out back to the chopper’s landing site. Without too much more trouble we made it back to Euto, and Dr Gaulman and I are working on getting Panzert healthy. AS of right now, we still have Mimic on the premises, secured of course. Not really sure what the plans are concerning him, but I would like to know who was behind his forced conversion. There’s always more work to do, more crime to fight I guess.


bryan_kinnee Rivennlia

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